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This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

Big Rob entertaining the crowds. This pic by Richard261

Hans Muehlbauer

Ed Gibbs. This pic by Nick Gibbs

The all-new Allen Bowers This pic by Martyn Turner

There they go, get after them - Andy and Rob. This pic by Sioux

They've been at it for ten years - Andy and Rob

Keith 'Stalker' Chambers and Mark Daniels.

Team Mucka at the EMRA do 2009

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

These pics by Sioux

These pics by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Pete Murray

This pic by KC

This pic by Sioux

2 up at Darley This pic by Sioux

Earlystocks bike plus typically svelte rider must weigh 1000 pounds.
If you ram them you will come off worst.

And 2 up at Cadwell This pic by Sioux

Both pics by David Baillie

The only view of AJ you're likely to get
This pic by Sioux

Allen, Simon & Tony at Anglesey. This pic by D.A.B.

This pic by Sioux

Both pics by Sioux

Karl on Rob's bike This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

This pic by Sioux

Both pics by Sioux

Pete Boyles on the rebuilt Runt

Both pics by Sioux

Before race 1. Cadwell March 06

Luke and Mostyn By Scottie

Luke Brakenbury on The Runt in the rain at Darley By Scottie

Pete had a go on it at Darley too...


Edward Taylor - Mallory 2001

Luke and Mick By Scottie

Mick and Luke By Scottie

Rob Eley on 'his' mountain

Stephen Holt at Darley

If no one wakes him, maybe someone else can win race 2

Alec Gilfillan             Alan Bowers and Alec Gilfillan

Allen Bowers leads Graeme Acott & John Hardwick

Nigel Lawrence leads Clive Wadey By Andy Charlesworth

Clive Wadey leads Nigel Lawrence By Andy Charlesworth

Rob on the mountain again

    Who is chasing Andy Wimpenny at 3 Sisters? Everyone.

I never touched him...

"I could win this..." - Terry Davies at Anglesey 2005

How far is the finish line?

Jayne on the 250 and the 400

Mel Coote - Cass - Pete Boyles - Glenn Graham

Clive Wadey - Nigel Lawrence - Steve Cave By KC

This pic by KC

Darren Wood by KC

Ady Sanders By Andy Charlesworth

Jayne Spooner

Andy Jackson by KC

James Gautrey by KC

Rob Eley

Terry Davies By Andy Charlesworth

Terry - Mick - Trevor - Pete

Trevor Wagland by KC

Rob Patterson leads Shane Stocks By Andy Charlesworth

Mick Baillie leads Pete Boyles By Andy Charlesworth

Mick and Pete again By KC

Trevor Wagland followed by Rob and Shane By KC

Rob and Shane again By KC

Clive Wadey - Nigel Lawrence - Steve Cave. By KC

Rob Eley

John Turner and Richard Insall By Andy Charlesworth

Nigel Lawrence and Clive Wadey By KC

Those two again By KC

Pic by Richard Insall

Tony Smith by Desawa Digital

Mick Baillie - Barry Swailes - Pete Boyles by Reilly Studios

Mike Annesley

Pete Boyles

Micheal Baillie by Reilly Studios

Eric Frith

Mel Coote

Nigel Lawrence by Pete Murray

Andy and Cass - Picture stolen from the Preston and District website.

Paul Paynter

Graeme Acott's MZ - It might start with some help. If not, ride it into the Micra and go home.

The stand at Stafford Show

Nigel Lawrence

Andy Jackson leads Nigel Lawrence

Glenn Graham

Keith Chambers

Pete Boyles

Nigel Lawrence

Mel Coote - Tony Smith

Rob Eley          Clive Wadey

Click here
to see Mark's 2003 Mallory crash

The above group of 10 pictures from Mallory, including the crash shots were taken by Chris Pearson

Glynn Williams

Steve Cave

Chris Spooner This pic is by Steve Crooks              Glynn Williams leads Mike Garratt in the wet

Click here
to see Mostyn's 2002 crash at Croft

Alec Gilfillan

Richard Insall

Mick Hand leads Richard Insall

Richard Digby, Clive Wadey & Rob Eley

That's one way to improve ground clearance.

Glynn Williams

Cass chasing Richard Digby

Mike Garratt trying to get his elbow down

Earlystocks at Snetterton 2001 with some Forgotten Era

Stuart Greig. X7, Mallory Park, 1990

Click here for pictures from the Presentation Evening 2002.
Click here for pictures from the Presentation Evening 2004. (Plus a couple from Stafford Show)
Click here for pictures from the Presentation Evening 2006.

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